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I love working on projects with Shelley! She always works to understand my needs even when I am not certain how to convey them. She always delivers a high quality product on time and on budget.

Marie White

General Manager (2020)

Marie White

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I, one hundred percent, recommend Shelley’s services … she’s gonna be that person that I call the next time I need something done.

Dayan Gonzalez

General Manager

Take your Accommodation Bookings

to The Next Level

Booking PEI equips tourism operators with all the tools they need to manage their bookings.

Personal Support

We have real, local, people listening to your feedback & questions.
That includes evenings and weekends.

Save Time

Calendar sync your OTA’s.
Create automated guest emails.
Occupancy reports (coming soon)

Website Editor

Every booking engine client starts with a fully optimized, fully customizable, accommodation rental theme.

No Commissions

None of your rental income ever goes through our hands. All of your bookings go through your own payment gateway on your own website.

Put your clients first while helping
your business grow

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What else can BookingPEI
do for you?

Comes with a mobile app!

Carry a calendar of your bookings in your pocket
Mobile app calendar
See a list of all your bookings and their status'
Mobile app List
Drill down to see the booking and payment details
Mobile app details

So, what does it cost?

Calculate your rate

Yearly Cost
Monthly Cost

Billing Term

Do you want to pay Yearly or Monthly?

Yearly subscribers receive a small discount for paying in advance.


List your business – will show up in browsing & category searches but not availability searches.


This is a real website with full ability to create pages and blog posts. You have full control over what people see.


Full online booking functionality. You can either send visitors from your current site to book here or you can move your website to our server and have everything contained in one place.

How do we compare?

Based on 10 units available to rent Booking PEI’s price grows slow & steady at our flat rate + whatever your merchant fees are.

Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) charge an average of 15% per booking which grows rapidly in cost after only 10 bookings. 

If you are going to rent each of your units more than once per year then Booking PEI costs half of what the OTA’s would charge.

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